Grand Canyon Holiday

Once upon a time, Cliff (that's me) and his friend Jerry, took a 12-day roadtrip to the Grand Canyon. This is their story...

Sunday, August 07, 2005

(Not) Gunna Blow!

After waiting 16 hours...nothing. Mt. St. Helens decided not to erupt. I want a refund!

Flickr Reflection

Upon closer inspection, you can see the reflection of my Flickr badge. that.

The Mad Dash(board) to Boise, ID

Aside from the dashboard reflections, crappy exposure, big honkin' van antenna, poor focus and 100 km/hr speed at which I took this, you can see the wonderful landscape unfolding before us.

All that's missing is a bird with a weak bladder to pellet the windshield. Fortunately for us, they don't fly that fast.

Smoke Signals

To our delight on the way down to Seattle, a US airshow was preforming (at least we hope it was only an airshow) including acrobatics from the Blue Angels. This shot is of the bizarre exhaust trail one jet left.


Armed with a case of water and our trusty Magellan RoadMate 700 GPS (which we affectionately nicknamed Maggie), we head south through Washington state.

Lay Of The Land

This is basically the breakdown of our holiday. As you can see, we pretty much hauled our butts through most of the northwest figuring we could easily come back and see that on another trip.